5 Sims 4 Mods For Better Gameplay

By Beth Johnstone @jonosrants.

We all love The Sims 4, but we also know there are a lot of areas it could improve. To the team’s credit, recent packs and free updates have added several much-needed features to the game (such as Snowy Escape’s sentiments and the long awaited skin tone update). That being said, there are still many things that have needed to be fixed or added by our community’s talented mod creators. Mods, like CC (custom content), are free to download and use in your game, so here are 5 (and one honourable mention) of my favourite mods for better gameplay in The Sims 4. 

5. Shorter Teen Height Preset by NiveaSimsCC

Sims teens have been shorter than adults since The Sims 2, making it easy to distinguish them from older sims and giving them their own unique look. For reasons which I don’t quite understand, this feature wasn’t included in The Sims 4 and teens are the same height and build as young adult and adult sims. I, like many others, am just not a fan of this. Not only can you not visually distinguish between teens and adults, I personally just don’t like the way teen sims look in The Sims 4.

This Shorter Teen Height Preset mod allows you to make your teen sims’ shorter. It’s a simple click in CAS and you’re done! You do have to apply the new height manually, but it’s the least buggy height mod I’ve tried and still use in my game today. I haven’t encountered any animation glitches either, so I highly recommend this mod. Find it here.

4. UI Cheats Extension by weerbesu

The UI Cheats mod is essentially just a mod that makes it faster and easier to cheat by clicking on the UI rather than typing out complicated commands in the cheat bar. For example, you can drag your sim’s needs to any level you want, you can set skill levels and even check off work tasks if your game is being buggy (or you just can’t be bothered completing it). 

Sometimes cheating is just necessary for better gameplay in The Sims 4! Don’t lie! Find it here.

3. Education System Bundle by KawaiiStacie

This is actually a collection of four different mods by the gameplay mod queen KawaiiStacie. Together, this bundle makes school in The Sims 4 much more realistic and interesting. 

The Preschool Mod enrolls toddlers in preschool where they will build skills and character values, the Better Schools Mod allows your kids and teens to build skills at school, the Smarter Homework Mod allows them to build skills while doing homework, and the Online Schooling Mod lets you attend school online. Of course, these are just the basics and each mod comes with many more features. 

You can download the entire bundle, or pick which mods you prefer. Personally, I use the Better Schools and Smarter Homework mods in all of my game saves. Find it here.

2. Wonderful Whims by TurboDriver

A (somewhat) family friendly version of Wicked Whims is finally here! 

For years simmers have enjoyed the… less wicked aspects of TurboDriver’s 18+ Wicked Whims mod, and now our prayers have been answered. Wonderful Whims comes with the original mod’s attractiveness system, personality types, menstrual cycle, birth control, fertility, and more, just without the… wicked stuff.

My favourite aspect of this mod is the menstrual cycle and birth control, which adds an element of realism that family-friendly Sims 4 understandably couldn’t have included. I like that you have to remember to have menstrual products in your sims’ inventory, and without proper use of birth control your sims risk pregnancy with every woohoo.

I will stress that even though this mod doesn’t include the super nsfw aspects of the Wicked Whims mod, it still is not completely family friendly. For example, along with the pregnancy and birth control system, your sims can catch an STD. Parental guidance is advised! Find it here.

1. Slice of Life by KawaiiStacie

KawaiiStacie’s Slice of Life mod is a MUST HAVE for The Sims 4. I cannot stress it enough! Your game is incomplete if you don’t have this mod!

If you’re interested in the features mentioned in the Wonderful Whims mod above but you want something 100% family friendly, the SOL mod is exactly what you’re looking for. SOL adds features such as a menstrual cycle and risky woohoo while keeping things in line with The Sims 4’s family friendly guidelines. This mod simply adds an extra slice of life to the game.

It would take too long to list all the features of the SOL mod here, but some of my favourites are: the menstrual cycle, sims getting drunk rather than “juiced”, appearance changes such as teary eyes and blushed cheeks, acne and skincare, personality types, new emotions, and a whole new phone system. This mod enhances gameplay so much I don’t know how I ever played without it. Find it here.

Honourable Mention: Kids can go for a walk with dogs by LittleMsSam

I wanted to mention this mod but it didn’t feel game-changing enough to warrant a spot on the list, so I’m leaving it as an honourable mention. This mod, very simply, lets kids walk dogs. No, this wasn’t already possible in the game. No, I don’t know why (something to do with animation). Find it here.

Beth Johnstone


Jono is a long-time sims player, writer, tv and cat enthusiast. You can most likely find them ranting about Doctor Who, Star Wars, or politics on twitter @jonosrants.


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