Feeling Nostalgic with Lizzielilyy

By @lizzielilyy

I’ve been thinking a lot about previous versions of The Sims franchise and how things have changed over the years. Something that comes up a lot is how this game really became a perfect way to tell a story. 

Talking to fellow simmers about what they loved about The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, a lot of us agreed that the lore and the gameplay meant that we could really be creative with how we played. Whether that was watching Cassandra Goth be left at the altar or wondering what truly happened to Bella’s older brother after he married Nina Caliente, we could tell any story however we wanted to. What I particularly loved about The Sims 2 was how different sims would react to the same situation in various different ways; a proposal wasn’t always a guaranteed yes, an alien abduction not always terrifying, and having a baby didn’t always bring your sim the joy they had been wishing for. Playing with your sims’ wants and fears really was rolling the dice on any given situation and that was what made it the perfect fodder for a storyteller. 

Telling stories with The Sims is an age old tradition like removing the pool ladder or losing your toilet to the repo man. I remember logging onto The Sims forums to catch up on the latest chapter of a legacy challenge or romantic drama my peers had updated on their thread. I joined The Writers’ Lounge (still going strong if you’re curious) and met hundreds of sims authors with blogs and channels for amazing stories all dreamed up in-game. I even made my own blog for a legacy challenge and fell in love with taking screenshots and writing dialogue for my sims. We often discussed which kind of storyteller we were – did we narrate actual gameplay or did we orchestrate screenshots to tell a pre-scripted tale? It was a whole different side of the community that brought together creative minds without competition or anxiety over view counts. While these forums and stories still exist today, it’s definitely something that appears to have been traded in for YouTube and Twitch, and I wish it would make a comeback. 

The community very recently decided that Let’s Plays were out of fashion. This kind of idea floats about the community once or twice a year. I don’t think it is true at all, I don’t think The Sims or its content creators will ever be “off trend”. Discussing it with simmers on and offline, it doesn’t appear so much that the type of content isn’t popular as maybe the game being used doesn’t give enough opportunity. I believe that now is the time to tap into that nostalgia and use the older iterations of the game to tell some chaotic yet endearing tales of your Sims’ adventures, but that’s just my opinion.

What do you miss most about the older versions of The Sims? Hit me up with your ideas and they might just be featured in my next post! 

The Sims 3 storyteller on YouTube and Twitch (@lizzielilyy) with a flair for cottagecore cuteness and possible chaos. 


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