The Paranormal Pack is a Hit

By Alissa Glaeser @theladyalissa

Look out Simmers – there’s a new pack on the loose! The Paranormal Stuff Pack dropped on us on January 26th after a social media campaign of hints from the gurus and an awesome (but short livestream) showing us the cool new furniture and clothing. 

I have to say, I was skeptical at first of the new pack. I was worried this was going to be another one hit wonder like Strangerville – something that was fun once but had little replayability and pretty average build-buy. But I am so glad to be proved wrong! This stuff pack exceeded all expectations. The build-buy is amazing, I have not stopped using the couches and hanging plants in the builds since the pack dropped. Not to mention, the swatches not only come in bright and colorful – but neutrals as well! 

As showcased in this screenshot, the build-buy aesthetic is very mismatched, found at a thrift store and thrown together – which I honestly really enjoy – but, it also doesn’t have to be that way. The Sims Team did include black and white neutral swatches to fit every aesthetic and building need, which is something as Sims players have been asking for for years. 

Now, let’s move onto the Create-A-Sim items. The clothing has a similar aesthetic to the furniture. It’s very bo-ho hippie, so anyone doing the Decades Challenge will be set for the 70s. Similar to the furniture, there are swatches of the clothes that are more neutral and less eye-catching for your Sims not looking to draw attention to themselves. There is truly something for everyone – including Bonehilda’s Mary Jane’s that the team made especially for us! 

Speaking of Bonehilda, the Sims most iconic maid is back! In classic Bonehilda style, so cooks, she cleans, and she randomly disappears off your lot. And us Simmers wouldn’t have it any other way. In my playthrough of the Paranormal pack, Bonehilda loved to drop off chicken nuggets, Shadow Realm martini’s, and then run out the front door to God knows where – very similar to my experiences with her in the Sims 3. Bonehilda does what Bonehilda wants. But she does have some new uses as well! After you Sims reaches level 3 of the Medium skill, you can summon her for your cleaning (or flirting) needs. Then, once your Sim gains the Paranormal license, you can actually summon Bonehilda to fight constantly-angry ghost Temperance! So for anyone struggling with Temperance, call on Bonehilda and let those two gals fight it out. 

Now, let’s get to my favorite part of the pack – the absolute adorable spectors. They are so cute and even when they’re angry, I still want to squish them. These spectors are different then the regular ghosts already floating around the Sims 4. These guys show up on Haunted House lots and generally make your Sim scared and turn off the lights and other “haunted” things. I recommend increasing your Sims baking skills and giving them brownies when the clock strikes 10pm. The brownies make the spectors like you and also don’t cause any trauma and decreased life span that comes with selling your soul. Also, be sure to be on the lookout for the spector with glasses! She’s an absolute gem and is the only little ghost that talks back.

I can confidently say that the Paranormal Pack is with the money. If not for the gameplay and career (which is great if you’re looking for a real challenge in the Sims 4) but for the build-buy and CAS. This pack really has something for everyone and the haunted-ness is optional – just don’t put on the Haunted House Residential lot type. Once again, Stuff Packs have upped their game in the amount of stuff given out. I’d say Paranormal is packing as much heat as Tiny Living. Leave your Paranormal opinions in the comments below!

About The Author
[Alissa is a Jack of All Trades Review Writer for The Simmers’ Circle. She is also a Sims Streamer on Twitch and Animal Lover. Her dog Padfoot says Hi.]

Lady Alissa

Alissa is a Jack of All Trades Review Writer for The Simmers’ Circle. She is also a Sims Streamer on Twitch and Animal Lover. Her dog Padfoot says Hi.


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