Top 5 Save Files for The Sims 4

By Beth Johnstone @jonosrants

The Sims community is one creative collection of people. Examples of their work range from mods, custom content, builds, youtube videos, twitch streams, and save files.

If you’re unaware, many Simmers have created their own save files which are available to download and play in. Improvements in these saves range from adding lots and families where there weren’t any, renovating entire worlds, or even rebuilding the whole game from scratch.

Downloading a save file is super easy – you just download the file and place it in your saves folder. Whenever I start using a new save file, I like to go in and edit all the game settings to my liking and save it as a separate save so I can easily start a new game in the future without having to redownload it. 

Just don’t forget, in the words of lilsimsie – it’s a save, not a mod!

With that out of the way, I’ve narrowed down 5 save files to recommend which cover a range of different needs you might have when playing The Sims. You heard right, these aren’t just my personal favourite saves to play in, but saves recommended by a range of different Sims 4 players.

5. Not So Strangerville Save by suppjason

We all know there desperately needs to be an option to turn off the Strangerville mystery in The Sims 4. Without this option, the world of Strangerville becomes unusable in every new save unless you solve the mystery all over again, which is time consuming and boring.

I personally found the Strangerville game pack really fun to play through, but once is enough. Strangerville post Motherplant defeat is a really beautiful world to play in, so it’s a shame it takes so much effort to acquire.

The Not So Strangerville file has left everything in the game as it is, except the Strangerville mystery has been solved. This is a super handy save to keep on file as a base if you want to use the world of Strangerville without possessed sims roaming around spreading the Motherplant’s gospel.

Find it here.

4. Srsly’s Blank Save by SrslySims

This one is well and truly not my style as someone who can hardly renovate a lot let alone build one, but great for Simmers who love to build and create entire worlds from scratch. 

SrslySims has edited every world from Willow Creek to Mt Komorebi, with all lots bulldozed including destination worlds and Get To Work’s career lots. This save file is the perfect blank canvas for your creativity, or even for creating a save file of your own.

Find it here.

3. Isleroux’s World Save File by Isleroux Sims

This is the save file I am currently using in my game, and it adds so much life to The Sims 4. Isleroux has recreated every lot in each world, creating a completely new experience for players in a vastly different style.

The community lots are where this save really comes to life – you will never get bored taking your sims out in the game again. The club system from Get Together brings everything together, now with 179 pre-made clubs filled with Sims. Not only does this give more personality to the game’s townies, but means there will likely always be a club gathering at any community lot you travel to.

Find it here

2. Pleasantview 25 Years Later by Pleasant Sims

This one is for all the og Sims lovers out there!

While the first three Sims games were set in the same universe with ongoing storylines and lore, the team made the decision to start fresh with The Sims 4 which is set in an alternate universe. Some characters are the same, but many are vastly different. 

Pleasant Sims has created a base game compatible save file for The Sims 4 set in the games’ original timeline. All the old Pleasantview families, drama, and lore are back, including Bella Goth’s mysterious disappearance.

Find it here

1. Simsie’s Starter Save File by lilsimsie

Lilsimsie’s save file is one of my long time personal favourites. The Simsie Save stays true to Maxis’ world building style while adding much more life. There are new townies, empty lots filled, and public lots renovated. Townies also now have backstories, relationships, skills and careers. 

This save file is updated for each new pack, but you can go back and download an older version of the save if you don’t have every pack installed. That being said, lilsimsie does a wonderful job of merging packs – base game worlds now have restaurants and basketball courts, and pets have been added to numerous households where having a pet just makes sense

Just don’t forget – it’s a save, not a mod!

Find it here.

Beth Johnstone

Jono is a long-time sims player, writer, tv and cat enthusiast. You can most likely find them ranting about Doctor Who, Star Wars, or politics on twitter @jonosrants.


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