Top 5 Sims 4 Worlds

By Beth Johnstone @jonosrants

Since its release with only two base game worlds in 2014, The Sims 4 now has a total of 15 livable worlds and another 3 to vacation in. I’m a big gameplay simmer who couldn’t build to save their life but I do enjoy a beautiful world to live in, if only for the sim selfie potential. Here’s my completely subjective list of the top 5 worlds in the Sims 4 (so far!)

5. Windenburg

This world courtesy of the Get Together expansion pack is impressive in a multitude of ways, especially as it was only the second expansion pack released for the game. 

Windenburg comes with a whopping 14 residential and 13 community lots, including the new cafe lot type. With four distinct neighbourhoods, your sims can live in environments ranging from high-end beachside communities to the old, historic ends of town. 

Special lots The Bluffs, Ancient Ruins, and Von Haunt Estate add interesting new locations for your sims to explore and party in. There’s something about getting invited to watch a DJ perform in the middle of an ancient ruin that never gets old to me. 

As a gameplay simmer, Windenburg is a great place to live in or visit if you need more things for your sims to do.

4. Evergreen Harbor 

I must admit I’ve only recently started playing in Evergreen Harbor, despite owning the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack since its release. At first it seemed like too much work, moving into a run-down neighbourhood and being tasked with making it green. However, once you really get into it, playing in Evergreen Harbor is a lot of fun and you can make the world a really aesthetically pleasing place to live just by voting in weekly Neighbourhood Action Plans (NAPs).

I’m having a lot of fun trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle in apartments and tiny homes while utilising new community spaces such as the marketplace and the community garden which make it easy to build skills and make money outside of your sims’ home.

Tips from a pro sims micro-manager: 

  1. Switch off allowing NPCs to vote in NAPs – this way only your sims decide what gets voted in.
  2. Jump into another household momentarily to vote on action plans and community space uses in other neighbourhoods – now you have control over the whole world!

3. Newcrest 

If you have The Sims 4 post June 2015, you have Newcrest! A completely blank world added to the base game in a free update, Newcrest is a perfect blank canvas for anything from a classic suburban neighbourhood to something more modern and high-tech – whatever tickles your plumbob. 

I did say I’m not a builder, so you may be wondering how on earth a completely blank world ended up on this list. Personally I love filling Newcrest completely with community lots built by talented simmers on the gallery. I make sure I have every possible community lot type added so I don’t forget any lot types that came with a game pack but not a world (spas and restaurants, I’m looking at you.)

2. Sulani

Accompanying the Island Living expansion pack, the island world of Sulani is stunning. Adding the ability to build over water and have a beach in your backyard, swim with dolphins and mermaids, or even live next to an active volcano, I love playing in Sulani.

If the world being aesthetically pleasing isn’t enough to win you over, Sulani also comes with a new Conservationist career which prompts your sims to help clean up their environment, and they can now even sunbathe (and get sunburnt!)

There’s also something endlessly intriguing about asking a sim in mermaid form if they’re a mermaid and having them respond “Mermaid? What gave you that idea?” Sir, I can see your tail!

1. San Myshuno

The world which came with the City Living expansion pack is my absolute favourite world to play in in the Sims 4. No matter what kind of game I start, I always end up back in an apartment in San Myshuno. 

Your sims can live in tiny apartments with noisy neighbours, or a luxurious penthouse all of their own. The city comes alive with the introduction of festivals such as Geek Con, the Spice Festival, the Flea Market, and more. San Myshuno also comes equipped with a new art centre and karaoke bars, just in case there wasn’t already enough to keep your sims entertained. 

I suspect this may be unpopular, but my personal favourite community lot is the Stargazer Lounge, built on top of a high rise apartment and complete with a pool – the concept alone gets a chef’s kiss from me!

Beth Johnstone

Jono is a long-time sims player, writer, tv and cat enthusiast. You can most likely find them ranting about Doctor Who, Star Wars, or politics on twitter @jonosrants.


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